The Beginning…

As I was sitting and pondering how to begin this, I figured the easiest thing is to just start at the beginning, but how do I cover so much of my info, and how do I start? So here goes… I am a wife and a mother and in the beginning of 2017 I was looking for something different to fill my hole of unhappiness.  I guess I was going through some type of midlife crisis, because everything was failing around me and everyone was suffering because of my actions. At the verge of losing my family and my sanity I decided to do something about the complete chaos that had encircled my life for the past two years.

So, I got a game plan. I decided that I was unhappy with my appearance since I had gained nearly 20 pounds in two years and generally had a negative outlook on my figure.  My anxiety level rose significantly since the birth of my son and I was taking medicine to control my mood swings and panic attacks that had taken over  all  areas of my life. I had no outlets for my unhappiness and no rest for my very active brain. I needed help and in a big way, so I started with something small. Only eat dessert once a week. Yep, you got it, my big plan was to only eat one dessert a week, because I knew I could obtain that goal fairly easily.From there I could build on my successes and gain more “goal ground”.

So here we go, this is a journal of my journey from frumpy to faubulous and all the craziness in between, I hope you enjoy!


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