Running is therapeutic, I love how I feel when my mind is totally silent and still.  The world turns off, if only momentarily and all your senses turn into pure instinct as your only worry is completing the journey.  I slide my beats on over my ears and enjoy the silence of no toddler meltdowns, no phones ringing, no questions about dinner or who’s turn is it to give the baby a bath. If only for a moment I am totally at peace with the world. I watch it zoom by me with no sound as I stretch my tired muscles and try to shake off the day. With every stretch I can hear my heart beating in my ears as anticipation of my run begins to set in.  I bow my head and say a prayer that my knee cooperates, that my legs don’t feel like jello and that I am able to make it across the finish line with no injuries, lastly being thankful that I can come out and run today. All things I have been known to take for granted.  As I raise my head and slowly walk to the starting line I take in the day and breath in the fresh air as I hit play on my headset and begin my journey.


One of the original running buddies



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