The Goal…

I had my goal, step one was complete, now I needed my plan.  Goals are much easier than plans in my opinion. Coming up with a goal no biggie, anyone can dream up something they would love to obtain. Me, I had a world of things I wanted. More money, classic car, nice big house, long legs, a job as a professional shopper, I think you get the idea. However, with no lottery winnings,  different genetics and not marrying a billionaire most of these goals were going to be unattainable. I was about to hit my wall of “big fat chance on that one girl” when I decided to reevaluate my situations and in a BIG way.

Step 1)  Do a little research. I came across several great articles to help access my future success.   This one however stood out  for me.


I, in the past, have had a few run ins with lack of commitment, setting unattainable goals, not celebrating my success and expecting unrealistic results. Which turns into a big mess of chaos, bellowing like a lost, sad cow and the dreaded over eating (Just think Bill Murray in Groundhog Day)

Step 2) committing myself to a Goal. Regardless of whats going on in my day commit myself to do whatever is planned that day. Not pushing things to the wayside because I get too busy or too tired. It’s easy to do things when your pumped or feeling great about the day. What separates us from everyone else is when you complete your commitments not feeling great. That is the thing that pushes us above average.

Step 3) Seeing my goal to the end. Finishing what I started e and not quitting until its complete. Easy enough right? Nope, its been shown that 92% of people do not finish what they start. Only 8% of people see their goals to the end! Are you kidding me??? I have not seen crappy results like these since I decided to tie the knot with my hubby.

Okay, so I not a nice joke but my point is across. To break it down a little more… the average person will walk 75,000 miles in their life, that is an equivalent of 3 times around the Earth but they can not stick to only eating one dessert a week for 30 days??? Cray Cray….

So there you go, planning for my success “A goal without a plan is just a wish” Now on to the fun… My plan and my goalsA-goal-without-a-plan-is-just-a-wish-sit-up







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