5k for 12

I love the Spring, especially April,  everything gives way to all the green. Winter is but a memory now and all its sadness quickly disappears from my view.  My southern world is vibrant and lush and full of beautiful pink, white, yellow & red colors.


What a beautiful view to take in while I run my 3 miles. I had 3 miles to run today for my 5k running plan. I set a goal for myself back in October of 2016 to run a 5k every month for the whole year of 2017. Trying to re-train myself for running has been harder than I had anticipated. Where in the heck is my muscle memory??? How come I am not shedding the weight as easily as I use too??  Whatever the reason I have not stopped on my journey. Merrily looking at my murky view in a different light has helped me to continue on even when at times  I feel that it is hopeless.


Then I came across the fit pregnancy article.  5 reasons you’re not losing the baby weight and LiveStrong Why is it so hard to lose Baby weight? Wouldnt you know it I have had problems in all almost all of these areas.

  1. No sleep, (insert laugh here) how many Mama’s catch z’s?? Seriously though on average we need 7.5 hours of sleep to function normally. To help that, avoid a lot of caffeine in the afternoons (oops) and shy away from heavy meals and alcohol before bed. This will help to create a more normal sleep pattern.

2.Way to much stress, I’m a mom enough said, but stress is a nasty beast that can      wreak havoc on my facets of our lives and weight gain is one of them. Research says to avoid over eating, take a walk to elevate stress,  breathe and my fav beef up your meals with a little spice such as hot peppers.  YUM.

3. Being to hard on yourself. I am especially bad at this one. I ran 3 miles today what the heck am I complaining about??? I should be proud of 3 miles, some folks cannot even walk a mile, and I am being a big baby over running 3 miles not the way I assumed in my head I should run? Please… Chill out girlfriend and thank your lucky stars you get to run. One more day of eating right and exercising well. That is a success. Period.




3 miles essentials



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