Rest Day

Rest Day,  ugg, the dreaded rest Day. By the time I am feeling good, ready to power up and keep going rest day creeps around the corner like an unwanted visitor.  Something that I have to address and take care off  for the benefit of everything. 

Today I took my rest Day. It was not my plan at all, I had planned to get an hour of yoga done, come home and do 45 minutes of circuit training followed by 20 minutes of core work. I woke up with that ” feeling”. Everyone who has worked out any knows the feeling I’m talking about. When something is “off”. When you wake up and the day seems strange, nothing goes right, like your coffee maker dying, the rhythm is off beat.

That was my day today. You gotta listen to your body when it’s screaming for rest. Something that’s not always easy to notice. 

Here are a few tips that you need a rest.

1) You have plateaued- let’s face it we have all been there. If you have not seen much change in awhile it might be time to take a break and switched it up.

2) Your moody, tired or overly sleepy- being sleepy while working out can cause a host of problems including injury. Save it for another day

3) You are in pain- soreness and occasionally tenderness is one thing but outright pain is another nasty creature and not something to ignore. Treat your body with more respect and take care of it.

4) Too much anxiety- exercise is good for your mental state, I mean c’mon endorphins??? If your snapping folks heads off for small issues, you might want to take a day or two to relax and unwind

 I mean this is a lot of work not to enjoy yourself, right?? 



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