Another Day

Its week 2 of my 8 week 10k running plan. It’s a easy day by comparison only 20 minutes of an easy run. Thank you Lord, coming off of two days of exercise classes and a so far rough week with no sleep I’m beat. Oh and not to mention one of my regular customers today told me I looked pregnant. Nice… lol Oh well, I am chalking it up too she 80 and can’t see. Smiley face lol.

I have always had a love/hate relationship with the scale. For as far back as I can remember the scale was something I dreaded and then finally looked upon as magnificent when I reached the beautiful number 120 weight and Size 2 jeans.

Me in 2003 at age 20 in a size 4


I loved that number, I did everything for that number I was truly obsessed. I took CLA’s religiously; ate lean cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner; scarf down weight loss supplements, and finally low-calorie diets. All while exercising 5 days a week. Ridiculous.  Did I mention I did a few of these things while I was pregnant? Like eat lean cuisines and walk on my treadmill everyday until I was hospital bound.

Me at 35 weeks getting ready to be induced


In the end, I gained cottage cheese legs, which I still have, high blood pressure, which I take medication for and an irregular fast heartbeat which I also take medication for and requires me to visit my doctor twice a year for monitoring. This all could me hereditary of course but I truly believe what I was doing to myself was a direct result.

Me today before my run 


I am now in a size 6 and just this Monday I had to visit my doctor for a checkup.  The wonderful scale number that day???  162 lbs

A far cry from my days before, but hopefully soon, a lot healthier.  My conclusion from Monday after my satisfactory checkup, screw a scale number.


That “beloved” number as since left me, but for a wonderful reason. IMG_2697[1]

I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Philippians 4:13


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