My Guys

“We have no Internet again” I say turning and looking at “My Guys”.  It’s funny (not haha but interesting) how a person can have absolutely nothing to do without the internet nowadays. My office building, it seems, must be cursed because everytime the wind blows hard the internet goes down. Ugg… another fun day.

I walk in to find all my coworkers, all men, gathered in my office, apparently the hub, discussing politics, the weather and their night. None of which I care about. “Guys our internet is down again” I say as they sip their coffee turning their lips up to make that annoying slurping sound while looking at me with a blank expression. Their matter of fact approach for things are starting to get to me today.

Normally, I don’t mind working with all men. To be honest, sometimes it is a sweet relief from working with all women which I have done as well. Working with all woman is grand at times but other times it feels like your constantly be judged or singled out for not being a part of the clique at that moment in time. At last, today the boys “ways” are grinding a metaphorical knife into my temple.

I’ve worked in the field for 12 years now and I’ve taken my fair share of beatings from them and others. I guess  you could say I’ve earned my stripes, but days like today I miss having other females around. I want them to get the hell out of my office, now. Their booming voices echo through the room, the wisping sound of the fan roaring, their heavy clanking of their boots and the piercing lights of the office is making my migraine seize up again worse now than before and I feel like screaming at them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them all in their own ways and I truly feel that being around them in some crazy way is making me appreciate raising a boy. However, these same guys are the exact same guys that spray mold and mildew to mask a upleasant smell. Who does that?? The exact same guys use our decorative rug, in the middle of the floor and nowhere near the door, as a foot rug to wipe their muddy, nasty feet on. Yes, the exact same guys, that have blown snot from thier noses ( you know what I mean, they hold one nostril down and blow out with the other) in front of my window and yes little particles of snot come running down in front of me. Insert vomit emoji here. They are truly gross and disgusting at times.

Regardless, I am the office Mother and I dutifully tend to my little brood of babies. “Did you wash your hands?” Ugg, “I’ll make my own coffee thanks.” “You drove to work in that? Your tire wires are showing!” “Don’t bother, sheesh I’ll get my own ride” “Your asking me for money again?” Sigh. You get the picture.

After a minute a smile spreads across my face and I laugh to myself as I think of some of their wild ways. “I’m going for a run guys.” I say to them as I walk out the door.

Despite all their gross ways and absurd actions. They are insanely funny, honest, almost to a fault, hugely supportive and sweetly willing to comply to all of my demands, most of the time.  I have notched a little place in their world and they have helped open up mine. I figure if I can survive them than I should be able to tackle some of these crazy obstacles on my journey.

Until next time… guys. 😀

“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”  Proverbs 13:20


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