What a way to start a day

It’s morning, not my favorite time of day at all, I hear the buzzing of my alarm clock as I slap at my phone. Nowadays my phone does everything for me including waking me up. What did I ever do before the cell phone??  I push my way up and start shuffling through to the kitchen trying not to wake the baby. (He is not a baby anymore but I cannot help myself from calling him baby. I think that is my way of  dragging my feet to the realization of him growing up way to fast.) I hit the ON button of my Keurig (thanks Tiff) and ready myself for the day and my 5 miles.

I pull my Beats up over my ears and plug-in Cam’ron. Not exactly an artist to be featured on the pop stations, but I cannot listen to much except the hard stuff when I am preparing for a long distances run.  While sippin’ my coffee, you know we don’t like to put G’s on the end of anything down here, I throw on my clothes, grab my keys and slip out the door before my household wakes up.

I make my trek to the park and by now the sun is in full bloom and the smell of the fresh air and cool breeze hits my face. I wish I liked mornings because man this is beautiful. I loosen my self up, say my prayers and start my journey.









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