50 things everyone must do at least once in a lifetime

I was digging through my closet this weekend trying to get rid of a few things I didn’t need anymore, a tough thing for me at times, and I came across these cards that peaked my interest.  50 things everyone must do (at least) once in a lifetime I shuffled through them to see what lagoon games considered memorable. Some were cute like hold a lamb. Others will test my anxiety and a few seem almost impossible.   I considered it for a minute, counted the cards and  amazinly enough I had all 50! (A small feat when you share your space with a toddler.) I took a pause and finally decided to take the challenge and complete all 50 things.

This might take me some time because a few are things like see the pyramids at night. I don’t really plan on hoping the next flight to Egypt to check them out although, they would be spectacular. However, I will have to get creative on a few things and challenge myself on a few others. Oh what the heck better start while I still can. Right? This is on my journey to a fab life which is one of my objectives. I can’t wait to start besides we are never promised tomorrow.

Until next time. 😀



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