50 things everyone must do in a lifetime

Task 1 of my 50 things to do


So on my journey to doing the 50 things in a lifetime. I hit a few snags funny enough. My first challenge was to buy stranger(s) a meal or drinks on me. Crazy enough, my anxiety kicked into overdrive and I had trouble trying to talk people into letting me buy their meal.  Or maybe it was my stinginess that I was mistaking for anxiety. 😀

I went to a few locations to achieve my task and funny enough there were limited people in the restaurants or they looked at me blankly and turned down my offer. Perhaps my approach was wrong?? Or perhaps they thought I was crazy and needed some meds. Whichever it was I finally decided to do the Chick-fil-A thing, pay for the person behind me and move on to the next task.

I had a few good meals though on my way to Chick-fil-A.


Until next time 😀



One thought on “Task 1 of my 50 things to do

  1. Good job Kristi Mac! This has happened to me a few times in my life … where people have purchased my meal. The first time that I can remember right now was when I was going through my terrible divorce. A sweet family that had adopted three Russian kids of their own, and knew that I was going through an extremely hard time, had given me a gift certificate to what I called a “fancy” restaurant. (As you know I’m a little picky when it comes to eating certain kinds of foods and don’t usually visit ‘fancy” places for fear that I may not be able to find anything that I will eat. Lol … so that’s why I was at this particular restaurant. I can’t remember the name of the place.). Anyway … my kids and I had sat down and I was trying to review the menu and figure out what we could all order and leave a tip and stay within the amount of money that was on the gift card because I didn’t have any extra money. I had been crying all that day and trying to put on a good front for my not so little babies, but once again the tears just started flowing while trying to figure this all out. I tried to wipe them as soon as they came out so that my kiddos wouldn’t notice … and I don’t think they did, but … apparently the table of 4 (a husband, wife and 2 small children, I think) that was sitting close by did notice something about us that evening. I remember making eye contact with them only once that evening. I smiled at them and they smiled back. I just remember being an emotional wreck that night and even thinking about it now makes me cry. Anyway … we ate our meal, and enjoyed it as much as we could, then I asked the server for the bill. That’s when she told me that the sweet people at that table had paid for our meal … and left the tip. Then I cried again! It was so, so sweet and so, so appreciated but I only wish that I had noticed what was going on and could have told them thanks and could have given them a hug. It meant way more to me than I’m sure they ever knew. I didn’t even see them get up and leave. But you know, to me it was a God thing. He knew what we needed and He used those people to deliver it. I am thankful for people like you Kristi Mac! I am sure that your act of kindness meant way more to the folks that received it than you know!! And the first 2 people that you tried to deliver your act of kindness to … wasn’t the ones who really needed it after all. Good Job Kristi Mac! I’m proud of you!! Love you sweet girl. 😘😘😘


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