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Blue Apron Cooking

I love to cook, I love to experiment with different flavors and ingredients in my meals to increase the nutrients and make our favorite foods healthier.  I am not a fan of fast food and I am currently happier eating my meals at home as opposed to eating out. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit boring, but I never know what is being done to my food? Or what perhaps is in my food?? Just think of Waiting with Ryan Reynolds…enough said.

I am already a member of a weekly recipe group  (Eat at Home) that issues weekly meals in 3 categories. Whole Foods, which is the option I typically take, Traditional Meals like lasagna and spaghetti and finally Crock Pot  meals which I am also a big fan of as well.  I am happy with Eat at Home and enjoy the recipes and options.

However, I received a coupon for Blue Apron and if you are anything like me you have a hard time passing up on a good coupon. So, here is my experience with Blue Apron cooking.


I received my box on a Friday with all my delicious goodies inside.


Everything inside was healthy, in good condition and from organic farms. The produce looked like produce I would have picked from a garden. There were a few imperfections on the skin but they looked yummy and tasty. The more important thing is they looked fresh like they were just pulled from the Earth and placed in my box. The Counting Crows say it best in “Big Yellow Taxi”  “Hey farmer farmer/
Put away the DDT/  I don’t care about spots on my apples Leave me the birds and the bees/ Please!”


In the end this was my creation. Looks kind of fancy right? I thought it turned out beautiful like something from an elegant restaurant. It was delicious and luckily my very picky husband thought it was tasty as well.  We even ordered another box. This is not something we will do every week but our experience with Blue Apron was one of satisfaction and pleasure.  Have any of you guys used Blue Apron or perhaps another company? Let me know!

Until next time guys 😀





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