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Peachtree Road Race


The Peachtree Road Race, held every year on July 4th, is the largest 10k race in the world. It began in 1970 by the Atlanta Track Club and has grown to an estimated 60,000 participating runners. Each year I, like many others compete in the lottery system for a position in the race. Luckily, I have won a slot for 9 years in a row, with next year being my fortunate 10 year mark and an automatic placement in the race.


My start wave of J. Corrals began from A- W (with I, O, Q & V omitted)


The Start line begins under the American Flag.


Mile One can be the easiest or toughest mile of the day depending on your run.


Some of the very interesting people you will meet at this race and some with great patriotic costumes.


These guys by far were some of my favorites. ;D


Just a small glimpse of the water stations at every mile. 500,000 cups and 120,000 gallons of water are used each year.


The home stretch


The finish at the  Atlanta Civic Center



In the end, this was by far my funnest year. I took my time, took in the sights and my surroundings and I meet some cool people. I also learned of some incredible journeys and of the people who inspired them. A must do if you are every in Atl on the 4th.

Until next time : D



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