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Toddler Life

kid throwing tantrum


recognize this face? If you’re a parent most likely you know this face. This face, ohh that a few seconds earlier was the most precious face you ever saw. The exact same face, you waited anxiously for months to see and when you finally did you knew love.

Then as if something unforeseeable, unrecognizable by your adult eyes snapped and the world was turned upside down unbeknownst to you. Yep, I know that face.

This post however is not about a face, not really, it’s about me tackling another “thing” off of my 50 things to do in a lifetime list and this Tuesday was number 2.


Okay, so the first things is I do not live anywhere near the ocean. Unless, I want to travel for hours just to try to spot some wild dolphins and even if I wanted to travel for hours to do this, spontaneity is difficult with a little human. Trust me.

Secondly, I am not a fan of the ocean. I like to visit it and dip my toes in it but I am not a fan of actually submerging my body into it. I’ve tried believe me.

Thirdly, I have been snorkeling while on vacation in the Cayman Islands and that was beautiful albeit terrifying enough  so yeah, scuba… I might have to work my way up to that.

I instead opted for the local aquarium that amazingly enough had animals you interact with and swim with. I chose the whales and I paid a whooping 200 bucks per person for 2 hours of interaction and water works.

Tuesday came and we were pumped, at least I was. My toddler was a little fussy at first but nothing out of the ordinary for him. We eagerly told him we were headed to see sharks and turtles and dolphins oh my! We were greeted with laughter and shrills from his sweet expression. We naively took that as acceptance and started out the door on our journey.


We arrived with snacks, juice, bag with essentials, Granny & stroller in tow to complete our journey to the aquarium. We were immediately flanked with obstacles. Lines, people patiently standing in front of the glass, people taking pictures, people minding their own business, you know the usual stuff that sets a little human off. I mean c’mon people?! Sheesh! (Sarcasm)

What came next was a Godzilla size tantrum complete with ear numbing screams,  throwing oneself in the floor, throwing food and jujitsu style kicking.  Until I had completed every way that I knew of to calm him down and when nothing worked I left. Throwing my day and over $500 dollars away.  All because I forgot that toddlers sometimes are unpredictable, moody, walking, talking middle fingers. (Insert Smile)

Until next time ;D








One thought on “Toddler Life

  1. My boys are not far behind yours! We are already having outbursts and slapping at the air when we aren’t getting our way. Oh wait…that’s me! Lol! Bless us we are moms to toddlers and worst still we are moms of boys. We are doomed ; )


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