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Anna Ruby Falls Georgia


#3 of my 50 Things to do in a lifetime was climb a mountain. I know, I know this technically is not a mountain but I had to climb a large hill does that count? I understand that the card most likely was referring to larger, more popular mountains but let’s be honest I am not going to be summiting Mount Everest, EVER.

I have however climbed parts of Pikes Peak


Diamond Head Hawaii

diamond head

diamond-head 1


Not to mention that I have climbed our local mountain Stone Mountain numerous times. Does running up it give me extra credit?

stone mtn

Yeah, I am thinking, Nailed it!


50 things everyone must do in a lifetime · Uncategorized

Toddler Life

kid throwing tantrum


recognize this face? If you’re a parent most likely you know this face. This face, ohh that a few seconds earlier was the most precious face you ever saw. The exact same face, you waited anxiously for months to see and when you finally did you knew love.

Then as if something unforeseeable, unrecognizable by your adult eyes snapped and the world was turned upside down unbeknownst to you. Yep, I know that face.

This post however is not about a face, not really, it’s about me tackling another “thing” off of my 50 things to do in a lifetime list and this Tuesday was number 2.


Okay, so the first things is I do not live anywhere near the ocean. Unless, I want to travel for hours just to try to spot some wild dolphins and even if I wanted to travel for hours to do this, spontaneity is difficult with a little human. Trust me.

Secondly, I am not a fan of the ocean. I like to visit it and dip my toes in it but I am not a fan of actually submerging my body into it. I’ve tried believe me.

Thirdly, I have been snorkeling while on vacation in the Cayman Islands and that was beautiful albeit terrifying enough  so yeah, scuba… I might have to work my way up to that.

I instead opted for the local aquarium that amazingly enough had animals you interact with and swim with. I chose the whales and I paid a whooping 200 bucks per person for 2 hours of interaction and water works.

Tuesday came and we were pumped, at least I was. My toddler was a little fussy at first but nothing out of the ordinary for him. We eagerly told him we were headed to see sharks and turtles and dolphins oh my! We were greeted with laughter and shrills from his sweet expression. We naively took that as acceptance and started out the door on our journey.


We arrived with snacks, juice, bag with essentials, Granny & stroller in tow to complete our journey to the aquarium. We were immediately flanked with obstacles. Lines, people patiently standing in front of the glass, people taking pictures, people minding their own business, you know the usual stuff that sets a little human off. I mean c’mon people?! Sheesh! (Sarcasm)

What came next was a Godzilla size tantrum complete with ear numbing screams,  throwing oneself in the floor, throwing food and jujitsu style kicking.  Until I had completed every way that I knew of to calm him down and when nothing worked I left. Throwing my day and over $500 dollars away.  All because I forgot that toddlers sometimes are unpredictable, moody, walking, talking middle fingers. (Insert Smile)

Until next time ;D








A note to my other…

faded girl

Here is a note to my other, a farewell of sorts and a conclusion to a chapter for my growth too another. I have no ill will, I do not harbor bad feelings or discontent. I remember and I smile, my thoughts are of gratitude and appreciation. I learned so much and needed to learn from someone other than the formers. You allowed my  world to be viewed through another lens. Your place, although brief perhaps, made an impact for a lifetime and I thank you for allowing me the fortitude to embrace the changes.  May you find everything you are looking for.


faded girl 2

Recipes & Cooking

Blue Apron Cooking

I love to cook, I love to experiment with different flavors and ingredients in my meals to increase the nutrients and make our favorite foods healthier.  I am not a fan of fast food and I am currently happier eating my meals at home as opposed to eating out. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit boring, but I never know what is being done to my food? Or what perhaps is in my food?? Just think of Waiting with Ryan Reynolds…enough said.

I am already a member of a weekly recipe group  (Eat at Home) that issues weekly meals in 3 categories. Whole Foods, which is the option I typically take, Traditional Meals like lasagna and spaghetti and finally Crock Pot  meals which I am also a big fan of as well.  I am happy with Eat at Home and enjoy the recipes and options.

However, I received a coupon for Blue Apron and if you are anything like me you have a hard time passing up on a good coupon. So, here is my experience with Blue Apron cooking.


I received my box on a Friday with all my delicious goodies inside.


Everything inside was healthy, in good condition and from organic farms. The produce looked like produce I would have picked from a garden. There were a few imperfections on the skin but they looked yummy and tasty. The more important thing is they looked fresh like they were just pulled from the Earth and placed in my box. The Counting Crows say it best in “Big Yellow Taxi”  “Hey farmer farmer/
Put away the DDT/  I don’t care about spots on my apples Leave me the birds and the bees/ Please!”


In the end this was my creation. Looks kind of fancy right? I thought it turned out beautiful like something from an elegant restaurant. It was delicious and luckily my very picky husband thought it was tasty as well.  We even ordered another box. This is not something we will do every week but our experience with Blue Apron was one of satisfaction and pleasure.  Have any of you guys used Blue Apron or perhaps another company? Let me know!

Until next time guys 😀




50 things everyone must do in a lifetime

Task 1 of my 50 things to do


So on my journey to doing the 50 things in a lifetime. I hit a few snags funny enough. My first challenge was to buy stranger(s) a meal or drinks on me. Crazy enough, my anxiety kicked into overdrive and I had trouble trying to talk people into letting me buy their meal.  Or maybe it was my stinginess that I was mistaking for anxiety. 😀

I went to a few locations to achieve my task and funny enough there were limited people in the restaurants or they looked at me blankly and turned down my offer. Perhaps my approach was wrong?? Or perhaps they thought I was crazy and needed some meds. Whichever it was I finally decided to do the Chick-fil-A thing, pay for the person behind me and move on to the next task.

I had a few good meals though on my way to Chick-fil-A.


Until next time 😀



50 things everyone must do at least once in a lifetime

I was digging through my closet this weekend trying to get rid of a few things I didn’t need anymore, a tough thing for me at times, and I came across these cards that peaked my interest.  50 things everyone must do (at least) once in a lifetime I shuffled through them to see what lagoon games considered memorable. Some were cute like hold a lamb. Others will test my anxiety and a few seem almost impossible.   I considered it for a minute, counted the cards and  amazinly enough I had all 50! (A small feat when you share your space with a toddler.) I took a pause and finally decided to take the challenge and complete all 50 things.

This might take me some time because a few are things like see the pyramids at night. I don’t really plan on hoping the next flight to Egypt to check them out although, they would be spectacular. However, I will have to get creative on a few things and challenge myself on a few others. Oh what the heck better start while I still can. Right? This is on my journey to a fab life which is one of my objectives. I can’t wait to start besides we are never promised tomorrow.

Until next time. 😀



Homemade Granola


I love experimenting in the kitchen. I have an incredible sweet tooth so I am always looking for healthier snacks and ideas that help curb my love of chocolate.

Granola is one of my favorites so I tweaked this recipe that I found to cut down on calories and increase on protein. In my experience granola is very versatile and forgiving so experiment and enjoy.


8×8 greased casserole pan makes 8 big or 16 small
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/2 cup of  chopped unsalted peanuts
1/2 cup of chopped walnuts
1/2 cup of chopped dried fruit
1 cup of unsweetened coconut flakes
1 scoop of vanilla protein
1/2 cup of honey ( I like local honey)
pinch of salt
Sugar free chocolate sauce (optional)
Sugar free caramel sauce (optional)



Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
Combine the nuts, coconut flakes and dried fruit, spread all the ingredients onto a baking sheet and toast for 10 minutes until the combo is lightly brown. Remove from the oven, place the mixture  in a bowl and set aside.
In a saucepan combine honey, salt and the vanilla protein stirring often until it thickens up, about 5 minutes. If you are using a candy thermometer your reading should be 260 degrees F. Remove it from the stove and immediately pour it over the nut mixture. Once it is evenly distributed press the nut mixture into a casserole pan and let it cool for 30 minutes to an hour.
Once the granola is  completely cooled, drizzle the  sugar-free caramel sauce and sugar free chocolate sauce until it sets then cut into bars and serve.

Do you guys have a favorite granola mixture? I would love to hear them and experiment with some great flavors.

Until next time guys. 😀



What a way to start a day

It’s morning, not my favorite time of day at all, I hear the buzzing of my alarm clock as I slap at my phone. Nowadays my phone does everything for me including waking me up. What did I ever do before the cell phone??  I push my way up and start shuffling through to the kitchen trying not to wake the baby. (He is not a baby anymore but I cannot help myself from calling him baby. I think that is my way of  dragging my feet to the realization of him growing up way to fast.) I hit the ON button of my Keurig (thanks Tiff) and ready myself for the day and my 5 miles.

I pull my Beats up over my ears and plug-in Cam’ron. Not exactly an artist to be featured on the pop stations, but I cannot listen to much except the hard stuff when I am preparing for a long distances run.  While sippin’ my coffee, you know we don’t like to put G’s on the end of anything down here, I throw on my clothes, grab my keys and slip out the door before my household wakes up.

I make my trek to the park and by now the sun is in full bloom and the smell of the fresh air and cool breeze hits my face. I wish I liked mornings because man this is beautiful. I loosen my self up, say my prayers and start my journey.









My Guys

“We have no Internet again” I say turning and looking at “My Guys”.  It’s funny (not haha but interesting) how a person can have absolutely nothing to do without the internet nowadays. My office building, it seems, must be cursed because everytime the wind blows hard the internet goes down. Ugg… another fun day.

I walk in to find all my coworkers, all men, gathered in my office, apparently the hub, discussing politics, the weather and their night. None of which I care about. “Guys our internet is down again” I say as they sip their coffee turning their lips up to make that annoying slurping sound while looking at me with a blank expression. Their matter of fact approach for things are starting to get to me today.

Normally, I don’t mind working with all men. To be honest, sometimes it is a sweet relief from working with all women which I have done as well. Working with all woman is grand at times but other times it feels like your constantly be judged or singled out for not being a part of the clique at that moment in time. At last, today the boys “ways” are grinding a metaphorical knife into my temple.

I’ve worked in the field for 12 years now and I’ve taken my fair share of beatings from them and others. I guess  you could say I’ve earned my stripes, but days like today I miss having other females around. I want them to get the hell out of my office, now. Their booming voices echo through the room, the wisping sound of the fan roaring, their heavy clanking of their boots and the piercing lights of the office is making my migraine seize up again worse now than before and I feel like screaming at them.

Don’t get me wrong, I love them all in their own ways and I truly feel that being around them in some crazy way is making me appreciate raising a boy. However, these same guys are the exact same guys that spray mold and mildew to mask a upleasant smell. Who does that?? The exact same guys use our decorative rug, in the middle of the floor and nowhere near the door, as a foot rug to wipe their muddy, nasty feet on. Yes, the exact same guys, that have blown snot from thier noses ( you know what I mean, they hold one nostril down and blow out with the other) in front of my window and yes little particles of snot come running down in front of me. Insert vomit emoji here. They are truly gross and disgusting at times.

Regardless, I am the office Mother and I dutifully tend to my little brood of babies. “Did you wash your hands?” Ugg, “I’ll make my own coffee thanks.” “You drove to work in that? Your tire wires are showing!” “Don’t bother, sheesh I’ll get my own ride” “Your asking me for money again?” Sigh. You get the picture.

After a minute a smile spreads across my face and I laugh to myself as I think of some of their wild ways. “I’m going for a run guys.” I say to them as I walk out the door.

Despite all their gross ways and absurd actions. They are insanely funny, honest, almost to a fault, hugely supportive and sweetly willing to comply to all of my demands, most of the time.  I have notched a little place in their world and they have helped open up mine. I figure if I can survive them than I should be able to tackle some of these crazy obstacles on my journey.

Until next time… guys. 😀

“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”  Proverbs 13:20