Hi, I am Kristi, I’m a mother, wife, full time job holder and a runner. My story with running and exercise starts in 2008 when a friend convinced me to go running as a means to lose a few pesky pounds. I did and I hated every minute of it but I stuck with it and started seeing some change in my appearance. Slowly my love-hate relationship with running became something I treasured and actually looked foward too.

Soon after I met my sweet husband and a few years later I was pregnant. My journey with running had continued and grown and even ventured out into other facets of excersie. I was determined to stay active and healthy in my pregnancy and took all the necessary precautions to make this possible. I ate lean meats, excersied everyday, continued to run until I was in my second trimester (it became uncomfortable for me) and gained only the recommended 30 pounds. However as life does occasionally she threw me a curve ball. In my last trimester I had problems with blood pressure and subsequently was bed ridden and hospitalized for the remainder of my pregnancy. My sweet love was born healthy and happy and is a very much okay today.

My world was on a whirlwind disaster coaster for over two years and in the midst of my choas I gained an additional 20 pounds, struggled with my postpartum depression, and almost lost my sweet family.

Luckily for me I began to get a grip on my fading sanity and started turning my tumultuous life right side up. I have slowly began becoming the person I was in 2008 and loving my life once again.

This is my journey to a fit life and lifestyle. My rode to running again and hopefully we be of some help for others struggling.