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Anna Ruby Falls Georgia


#3 of my 50 Things to do in a lifetime was climb a mountain. I know, I know this technically is not a mountain but I had to climb a large hill does that count? I understand that the card most likely was referring to larger, more popular mountains but let’s be honest I am not going to be summiting Mount Everest, EVER.

I have however climbed parts of Pikes Peak


Diamond Head Hawaii

diamond head

diamond-head 1


Not to mention that I have climbed our local mountain Stone Mountain numerous times. Does running up it give me extra credit?

stone mtn

Yeah, I am thinking, Nailed it!


50 things everyone must do in a lifetime

Task 1 of my 50 things to do


So on my journey to doing the 50 things in a lifetime. I hit a few snags funny enough. My first challenge was to buy stranger(s) a meal or drinks on me. Crazy enough, my anxiety kicked into overdrive and I had trouble trying to talk people into letting me buy their meal.  Or maybe it was my stinginess that I was mistaking for anxiety. 😀

I went to a few locations to achieve my task and funny enough there were limited people in the restaurants or they looked at me blankly and turned down my offer. Perhaps my approach was wrong?? Or perhaps they thought I was crazy and needed some meds. Whichever it was I finally decided to do the Chick-fil-A thing, pay for the person behind me and move on to the next task.

I had a few good meals though on my way to Chick-fil-A.


Until next time 😀